Conundrums Anniversary Party

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Drum Day Atlanta – Summer Picnic – 2016

Come join us for a day of drumming fun, learning and community at the DrumRise music studio in Decatur.  The program will be suitable to all levels of experience, focusing on a traditional rhythm(s), solo techniques and songs. We will begin promptly at 10 am and break for a picnic lunch around noon. It will be a casual event – bring your water bottle and a favorite drumming chair if you like. Please register early as space is limited and we expect to fill up quickly. Total cost is $125 and includes lunch. If you don’t have a drum, we have a limited number available at no charge. We look forward to seeing you there!


Monette Marino is a world percussionist. She has studied with local and international Masters in Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Caribbean, Korean and West African drumming.

Monette began apprenticing with Master Drummer Mamady Keita from Guinea, West Africa in 1996 and was certified as a teacher in 1999. In 1999, she opened the second Tam Tam Mandiquue school in the nation in San Diego. She has since earned the TTM Diploma of Proficiency – one of only eight instructors in the world to earn the distinction. She also served as Vice President of Tam Tam Mandingue International from 2009-2012.

Click here to register...As a professional musician for almost two decades, Monette has performed and recorded with many artists including Mamady Keita and his world-renowned group Sewa Kan. She has also performed with numerous bands/musicians, appeared on television shows including American Idol, and in 2010 formed her own band and wrote, produced, and recorded her first CD, Coup d Éclat.

Monette’s school has now broadened its scope to include Steel Drum, Afro-Cuban & Afro-Brazilian drumming, in addition to the traditional West African drumming. She has created an iPhone App “Mo’Rhythm Africa – Play Along Djembe/Dunun App” now available on iTunes for iPhone/iPad/Apple TV. Visit Monette’s website for more information on her and the MO’RHYTHM School of Percussion.


Drum Day Atlanta Spring Picnic


Amy invites you to spend the day with 3 of her favorite instructors – eat, drum and be happy!

Join us for a day of fun, food and drumming.  We’ll have three great ninety minute, all-level drum classes (loaner drums are available if you don’t have your own – please let us know you need one in advance). Lunch will be provided. It’s happening at the DrumRise Studio in Decatur. More details below, but first meet our special guests…

Aly Camara

Aly Camara was born in Guinea, West Africa. Guinea is known for their energetic, polyrhythmic traditional drum and dance, and has maintained
much of their indigenous cultural traditions.

Aly plays a number of percussion instruments. He is most outstanding on the djembe, dununs krin (a wooden log drum), the gongoma, and several other little known percussion instruments that are indigenous to Guinea. Aly has a beautiful voice and sings traditional rhythms from a variety of West African ethnic groups.

Chuck Cogliandro

Chuck has been a project engineer for General Motors, a chauffeur to the stars, a wanderer and reader, and an in-house analyst for a mystery
shopping company.  He is currently a musician, a healer, a son, a brother to two sisters, a husband to Kelly, a friend to many, and a lover of life.

He has traveled to Guinea with his friend and teacher Mohamed DaCosta, and has studied West African music with many great artists and teachers, including Brother Yusef Crowder, Stone Montgomery, Mohamed Diaby, Aly Camara and Robin Bountourabi Leftwich.  He has been trained in various ways of healing by Barbara Brennan, Peter and Jamy Faust, and Kimberly Cahill.  Chuck loves to be a part of groups that are attuned in rhythm and movement in order to remember that the source for all of us is with the Divine.

Robin “Bountourabi” Leftwich

The totally remarkable Robin“Bountourabi”of Happy Beat  Drumming in North Carolina is an experience not to be missed!

Caution: Side effects may include a feeling of euphoria, an enhanced sense of rhythm,
improved health, a new vision of the world, heightened self esteem, fits of laughter, a new rash of friends, an itch to come back and extreme
HAPPINESS. If the symptoms last for more than four hours, seek the assistance of friends to laugh it off and then repeat the dosage… Use
more often than needed and share liberally with your friends.


picnic_djem Why Drum Day?


The Drum Day Picnic is a serendipity sort of event. I had shoulder surgery last year (years of lugging drums all over the world!). This meant discontinuing my regular classes for several months. I missed my students.

 During that time Robin, Chuck and Aly all offered their help since I was unable to do my drum classes.

And I thought about these wonderful teachers and how each of them has unique gifts to offer their students.

Voila!!! Share these fantastic people with each other as a way of saying thanks. I know you will enjoy yourself.

Thank you all -



Location for the picnic is The DrumRise Studio (adjoining Amy’s home).

The first class begins at 10 am. Come early for coffee.

Cost is $85, all-inclusive. Fee must be paid in advance.  Register  early – space is limited!




Contact Amy at DrumRise
DOWNLOAD this flyer.


Amy Jackson performing with Ten Blocks Away circa 2007Have you ever been so inspired and so moved by someone or something that you just had to share it with others?
This is how and why The Southeast Women’s Rhythm Retreat came to be.

Back in the summer of 2007, I had the most wonderful opportunity to join my friend Rebekah Carder on a magical weekend journey to the Catskill Mountains of NY and attend the 10th Happen’n Womyn’s World Drum and Percussion Retreat. The producers of the Happen’n, Ubaka Hill, Fre Atlast, Leaf Miller , all the women who taught the various percussion classes in Taiko, Shakere, Afro-Brazilian rhythms, native American, and African , just to name a few, and all the participants inspired and energized me so deeply that I knew that the Southeast needed to have something like this too! So why was I inspired and why was I so moved by the retreat and what was it that I wanted the women of the south to experience too? Women from all over the world, of different cultures, different lifestyles, were connecting and sharing of each others lives; their talents, their spirits, their passions, their struggles, their inspirations, their voice, their dance, their ups, their downs, and all done in a peaceful, loving, nonjudgmental environment.  There was such a feeling of peace and serenity, camaraderie, a feeling of being safe to be yourself and to be as creative as you wanted to be, to reflect, and to rediscover self. I truly believed that with help from my biz partner Colleen Caffrey we could make it a reality in Georgia! After leaving NY, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Visions of sugarplums danced in my head and I was pumped!

Ann VanSlyke of Mingei Arts was the first person I encountered on my return back to Atlanta at a swim meet our children were participating in. Ann had an amazing open ear and listened with enthusiasm and excitement about my experience in the mountains and the vision I had to bring an event similar to the one in NY to Atlanta. I need and want so much to thank Ann for her attentiveness, availability, ideas, inspiration, and beautiful energy. That in –the- moment time spent with her gave me more vision, strength, and courage to move forward than she will ever know.My next move was to share this dream with my dearest friend, my angel in this life, and biz partner Colleen Caffrey. At that time we were Rhythm Synergy and soon to be DrumRise. We were brand new at our business and had so many other things that were priority at the time. And even though it wasn’t something to bring to Atlanta right then, somehow, there was this feeling, unspoken word, that we knew we could and would bring a rhythm retreat to the south. A future vision was put into motion full knowing full well that it would eventually come to fruition in the near but distant future. It was just a matter of time.
Photos from The Happen’n 2007
And so it is. NOW. 2013… With the help of our buds in North Carolina, co-producers of the Southeast Women’s Rhythm Retreat, Robin “Bounto” Leftwich, Rachel Juren, and Beth Woodruff of Happy Beat, and not to mention big help from the women of ConunDrums, the dream IS Happening along with the most fabulous rhythm makers in the Southeast! DrumRise and Happy Beat are bringing to Bo Clark’s Hawk’s Above in Cloudland, Ga a rhythm retreat that is going to knock your socks off!! What a line upof beautiful people! What a gorgeous schedule we have planned that you can design yourself whether it be relaxing, drumming, singing, hiking, shaking, dancing, reflecting, journaling, swimming!We’re so excited! And we just can’t hide it! We’re about to loose control and we KNOW we LOVE it!!!Come Ride the Rhythm Wave with us, September 27-29th! Register for the Southeast Women’s Rhythm Retreat


Amy J. of DrumRise

The Yoga of Rhythm – post by founder, Reinhard Flatischler

Reinhard Flatischler photoRhythm is one of the most ancient and efficient ways to influence and develop human consciousness. In our globally networked and technologically focused world, human beings often lose touch with their own internal rhythms, making them feel displaced and de-synchronized. TaKeTiNa allows them to reconnect with the healing powers of rhythm and primordial motion.

Social, mental, creative, spiritual and of course musical faculties are reawakened and developed with the practice of TaKeTiNa. These qualities are essential to the peaceful cohabitation of human beings on this earth, yet few societies or school systems invest the time and dedication needed to promote them in an authentic fashion.

Rhythm is our earliest companion, our first guide to life. As we grow within the womb, in a state of unity with our surroundings, the heartbeat of “pulse” and “pause” prepares us for the duality, the polarity of the world we are going to be born into. Rhythm can be understood as “polarity in motion” and this is precisely why it is so effective in dissolving opposites and resolving the kind of dichotomic thinking that our polarized worldview draws us into. Rhythm and motion give us access to a third state of being, beyond the habitual patterns of “mine – yours”, “sad – happy”, “internal – external”, “tense – relaxed”.

Using rhythmical exercises, TaKeTiNa teaches you to step out of these mutually exclusive states of being. Simultaneity replaces the familiar “either – or”. Someone who is capable of being angry at another person, and at the same time finding quiet compassion within, is on the way to emotional stability and profound inner peace.

Flyer for the TaKeTiNa workshop: The Yoga of Rhythm, in Decatur, Ga Oct 18-20, 2013In the practice of TaKeTiNa, you learn to consciously let one hand be passive while you actively move the other. You develop the capability to recognize order within chaos, and to identify the chaotic element inherent in order. You can be simultaneously tensed for activity and deeply relaxed. Your awareness is tuned to both yourself and another person. Through this process, you experience deep inner calm within the superposition of polar opposites: movement and stillness at once.

In the course of the TaKeTiNa process, different rhythms are built up concomitantly: your steps and claps are based on different rhythms, and your voice adds an additional layer. Everyone who goes through this process repeatedly, sooner or later will find themselves in a state of being in which the more they add, the clearer and emptier the rhythm space becomes – what a wonderful paradox! Those who regularly practice TaKeTiNa become adept at stepping out of the imaginary polarity that holds our life in its grip so very fiercely: the past and future. The experience of timelessness is the door to where our life is really taking shape: in the here and now, the eternal present. In this timeless state, everything that makes up your life is open to being restructured, which is why the confidence and ability to step into this state is so essential for both personal development and the growth of human consciousness.

TaKeTiNa does not simply promote creativity and musicality; rather, creative-musical learning is closely tied to the growth of human qualities. Two basic abilities in particular are of importance both within music and in daily life: flexibility and connection. As these become an integral part of your being, you will find that rhythm will guide you to inner quiet, centeredness and aliveness. The intuitive experience of seasoned TaKeTiNa practitioners is increasingly being validated by recent results in the field of rhythm research: TaKeTiNa does not only stimulate “inner values”, it also predictably and repeatedly creates ideal circumstances for the regeneration of the human nervous system.

Insofar TaKeTiNa is similar to yoga, as it becomes a pathway to integrate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development. This is why many practitioners of TaKeTiNa refer to it as “the yoga of rhythm”. The term yoga (Sanskrit, m., , yoga, from yuga “yoke”, yuj for: to yoke or bind together, to harness) can be used to mean “to unite” or “to integrate”, or it can describe the act of “harnessing” or “yoking” the body and soul together in a sense of merging into a state of collectedness and awareness.

As the founder of TaKeTiNa, this definition touches me deeply and I cordially invite you to join a workshop and have your own experience of dissolving polarity. May TaKeTiNa guide you, too, in the journey to your rhythmical homeland, to the primal force that permeates all living beings. TaKeTiNa allows you to reconnect with your earliest self, and to bring rhythm back into your life with full awareness. For none of us can ever really forget the womb rhythm that accompanied us into the world, nine months long, during our becoming.

With heartfelt greetings,

Reinhard Flatischler

Banner for the TaKeTINa workshop, The Yoga of Rhythm in Decatur, Ga Oct 18-20, 2013


March 9 ChantLanta, March 16 & 23 Candler Park Yoga, April 27-28 Ananda Bhav Yoga

TaKeTiNa Events in March & April

TaKeTiNa Teaser @ Chantlanta March 8!

We’re excited to be added to the lineup of workshops at ChantLanta 2013!  The 4th annual Chantlanta Sacred Music Festival is a charity benefit, this year supporting The Learning Tea, an organization that provides educational opportunities for girls in India. The headlining events at Chantlanta are kirtan and a workshop with Krishna Das, tickets for which are going fast so get ‘em now.  The rest of the programs at ChantLanta are free and open to all!  DrumRise will do a 1-hour TaKeTiNa teaser Saturday, March 9 at 3:15pm.

TaKeTiNa has much in common with kirtan, a form of devotional call/response chant rooted in India’s Bhakti tradition.  ChantLanta says of kirtan that it “blurs the line between performers and spectators, uniting all in loving consciousness. We connect not only with each other and our immediate community, but the greater spiritual community: family, neighbors, teachers, students, and ultimately, our planet.”

TaKeTiNa is also a community experience using call and response chanting and singing that activates a feeling of deep universal connection. Yet unlike kirtan, TaKeTiNa is not of any particular cultural tradition but rather draws on fundamental elements of music, rhythm, and community that are shared across many cultures. The syllables spoken and sung do not have any discursive meaning; they are used as a tool for the voice to guide the body into into a physical experience of ancient rhythm archetypes.

While too short to be a true TaKeTiNa workshop, our teaser at ChantLanta will offer a taste of what the TaKeTiNa rhythm process is like, and a glimpse of how rhythm can be a vehicle for a deeply meditative experience that is at once personal and communal!

Two Tastes of TaKeTiNa at Candler Park Yoga

Candler Park Yoga
Saturday March 16, 6-9pm
Saturday, March 23, 6-9pm
Two  3-hour explorations in rhythm and movement
Attend either or both and take your journey further! 

$45 each or $80 for both when you preregister by March 15


TaKeTiNa Immersion at Ananda Bhav Yoga

Weekend Workshop
Saturday April 27 – April 28

Join us for a full weekend immersion in rhythm! Experience how the sounds of TaKeTiNa – the deep boom of the surdo drum, the harmonized chanting and singing of the community, and the droning pitch of the berimbau stay with you overnight. As the rhythmic process continues to reverberate in your nervous system during sleep, you’ll be prepared to enjoy exploring even further on a meditative journey on the second day!


Saturday, 1-4pm and 6pm – 9pm
Sunday, 10:30-1pm and 3pm – 5:30pm

Ananda Bhav Yoga
130 Allen Road, Suite B (around back)
Atlanta, GA 30328

Early Registration: $150 through April 15
Regular Registration: $180
At-the-door Price: $200

2012 Year End Drum Workshop & Potluck

Amy and Colleen in Santa hats

Please Join Us for a
Year-End Potluck Party
Sunday, December 16, 4:30-8pm

at Amy’s House (RSVP for address)

Please bring a dish to share and join us for an evening of fun and friendship with students from DrumRise’s Decatur, Tucker, and Norcross classes as well as drumming friends from our extended Atlanta and Southeast community! Family and friends are welcome!

RSVP and let us know if you plan to attend either or both classes and/or the Potluck! We hope to see you!

DrumRise presents…
a Review of the
2012 Mamady Keita Atlanta Workshops
Sunday, December 16th
11am-2pm Intermediate-Advanced
2:30-4pm All Levels
(Please RSVP for address. We plan to be in the music room at DrumRise’s Amy Jackson’s house. If attendance is high, we’ll move to the nearby Leafmore Clubhouse)

11am – 2pm Intermediate / Advanced Workshop
Review of the Rhythms Kudani and Kuruni
with Colleen Caffrey, Tam Tam Mandingue Professor

This class is intended only for those who attended the November workshop with Mamady in Clarkston and already have some familiarity with this material. If you missed the workshop, but want to get in on the fun and think you can hang, please give Colleen a call first. We’ll start with the djembe accompaniments and arrangement. As time allows, we hope to review the dunun parts as well. So bring em if you got em!

2:30 – 4pm Djembe for Everyone – Kono
with Amy Jackson, TTM W-S Associate Instructor

We’ll review the rhythm Mamady taught at the Friday class at Youth Villages in Douglasville, Georgia, called Kono (birds). This class is open to all DrumRise students and friends, regardless of whether you attended the Mamady Keita workshop! We’ll make this fun rhythm accessible to all levels and will get the music and energy jamming. Then, we wrap up the day with our year-end party!